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Looking for projects where design is the main way to create economic and ethical values. Where architecture is not a collection of images, but a social connection among people. Being a good architect, a good designer, is about to think something that doesn’t already exist. And the creation of it,  the thought of it among our controversial contemporary, is an extraordinary vision. Even if just on a paper or on a monitor screen. 

We are architectes and we dream about something that does not exist.

Not yet.

Workshop L’architecture de la grande echelle    team head   UNIRC + ENSAPLV winner 2008    

InsOut of a Live Communication Project Aeolian Islands brand identity   LCC - LONDON 2008

Zanotta 2009  collection presentation  viaveneto Outdoor - RC 2009

Carhartt store   adv Campaign   Italy 2011

Grandes Ondes  François Morellet installation - 3D simulation - Louvre Des Antiquaires, Paris  2013

Braun et associés  -  B. architecture   architect, designer, 3d specialist  Paris  2012-2017


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